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Getting Divorced?  Make the Right Decisions.

The majority of books relating to divorce fall into one of two categories: (1) the self-help road to recovery type and (2) the ultra-technical how to obtain a divorce type of book.  This is neither.  It is a practical guide or companion for the divorcing person to eliminate the mystery to a divorce.  Whether a person is engaged in a no conflict divorce or a bitter nasty "brawl," this book alerts the reader to what they need to know, and do, to protect themselves.  Why is this important?  For most people, negotiating their divorce will be the most important and largest business deal they will ever be involved in.  Invest in a mutual fund, buy a car, boat or house, and people will  labor over rates of return, interest rates, loan tables, consumer magazines and the like.  Amazingly, in divorces, I have found that people can be very cavalier.  A common phrase is :I didn't know that was important."  By reading this book, a person going through a divorce will know what is important.

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